Oak moss essential oil is extracted from the moss that grows on the branches of Oak trees. The oil is extracted mainly in France, then distributed all over Europe and North America. Oak moss oil’s many health benefits can be attributed to its antiseptic, expectorant, restorative and demulcent properties. (1)

Oak Moss Essential Oil Benefits

1. Prevents Sepsis

Oak moss essential oil has strong antiseptic properties that can prevent cuts and wounds from developing sepsis and other dangerous infections. Sepsis can affect external wounds as well as internal organs such as the kidneys, colon and urinary tract. Symptoms may include convulsions, swelling, stiffness in the muscles and joints, cramps and even death in severe cases. Oak moss essential oil works as a natural antiseptic to protect the body from sepsis by creating conditions in the body where bacteria cannot thrive. (2)

2. Acts as a Demulcent

Oak moss essential oil has demulcent, or soothing properties. It can help heal inflammation and irritation by calming and soothing the skin. Using it topically for scratches and other wounds can help maintain the oil and moisture balance in the skin while fighting redness and swelling. Oak moss oil also has soothing effects on the digestive system that can help reduce inflammation and irritations in the esophagus, stomach and intestines caused by spicy food or acidity.

3. Clears the Respiratory Tract

The natural expectorant properties of oak moss essential oil work to clear the respiratory tract by loosening phlegm and preventing it from accumulating in the throat and lungs. The oil provides relief from asthma, coughing, breathing troubles and congestion in the chest. It works by pulling out phlegm and reducing inflammation to open up the airways and promote easier breathing. (3)

4. Restores Health

Oak moss essential oil has natural restorative properties that can bring the body back to complete health, especially after struggling with an illness. It works by diminishing the damage done by illness as well as aging, to reduce the wear and tear on the body. Oak moss essential oil gives the immune system a boost to speed healing and restore the body back to its healthy state.

5. Reduces Stress

Oak moss essential oil can help naturally provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression and even insomnia. The oil’s soothing properties work to create a tranquil environment by calming the mind, relaxing the body and reducing inflammation. Oak moss oil’s natural ability to soothe the body and mind make it an anti-stress and anti-depressant essential oil. (4)

Caution: Oak moss essential oil may cause irritation on the skin or in the mucous membrane for some people. Pregnant women and people who suffer from nervous or neurotic disorders, such as epilepsy or hysteria, should avoid using oak moss essential oil.

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