Breakups are hard. Even if you’re the one doing the breaking, it can be emotionally and physically stressful. When you breakup with your partner, it may feel like you’ll never be able to experience those same feelings with anyone else ever again. It’s easy to identify the emotional pains that stem from the ordeal, but the body experiences more than just emotional stress during a breakup.

A breakup can have a detrimental impact on the body as a whole. Both your brain and your body suffer during a breakup, and in turn, so does your overall health. Here are six major effects you’ll feel during a painful breakup.

1. Loss of Sleep

Insomnia is common after a painful breakup. Not only are you focusing on your partner, the cause of the breakup, and how to patch things up, but the breakup itself has stimulated the area of your brain associated with stress. Stress can cause insomnia quite easily, which is why your sleep suffers when your relationships do.

2. Self-Medication

Relationships and people make you happy. When you’re in a relationship, your brain produces a steady amount of dopamine, Oxycontin, and serotonin in response to the love you feel for your partner.

When you breakup with your partner, the body and brain go through a dopamine withdraw, which makes you more likely to self-medicate.

3. Decline in Sex Drive

When you’re in love, sex is just better.

Sure, you can go hookup once you’ve untied the knot, but your brain knows it won’t be nearly as good as it was with your partner. This is why you don’t feel like seeking out the next big romance after a recent breakup; your brain, and your heart, need time to heal.

4. Depression Risks

When you’re sad that you’ve lost your partner, it can seem like nothing makes you happy. However, there’s a big difference between being sad about a breakup, and being clinically depressed. Negative experiences have the power to trigger major mental health issues like depression, so seek professional help if you feel it’s necessary.

5. Physical Pain

It isn’t uncommon to experience physical pain after a breakup.

In fact, some people have chest pains as if their hearts are literally breaking on the inside. This pain can feel like a heart attack, and there have even been abnormal heart contractions occurring in the middle to upper regions of the muscle recorded in individuals experiencing breakups.

6. Weight Fluctuations

Gaining or losing weight is another common physical symptom of a breakup. Binge eating can actually release dopamine, which your body will naturally want to do in the wake of breakup, or you could just lose your appetite completely, like you do when you’re sick. Your change in weight will depend on how your brain copes with grief.

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